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Thank you for your interest in the Maryland Science Olympiad.  Our volunteers challenge Maryland students to achieve success in the sciences.  Volunteers run tournaments, create events, develop curriculum, lead competitive activities, and spread the word about MSO. We cannot exist without volunteers! 


WRITE AND PROCTOR EXAMS for academic competitions in such fields as microiology to astronomy. MSO tournaments normally include 46 competitions, so lots of exams are prepared, administered, and graded. Two exciting side opportunities exist for those preparing MSO exams: ONE, volunteers may choose to oversee the same field year after year providing long term control over the quality and content offered to Maryland K-12 students. TWO, volunteers also have the option of sharing their exams with other states, effectively gaining a national platform for field content.

DESIGN AND OVERSEE LABS for one or more of the five  tournaments. Each tournament consists of lab competitions in the fields of forensics, chemistry, physics, and computers.

 JUDGE team technology and engineering devices. Devices such as robots, towers, catapults, vehicles, and helicopters are designed, constructed, and developed by teams prior to the competition. MSO volunteers oversee the competitions of these devices.

PROVIDE LOGISTIC SUPPORT during each of the 5 tournaments. Logistics activities include team registration, equptment setup, signage, medical liaison, concessions, and awards presenters. Volunteers also present a keynote presentation highlighting career paths each year to kick off the evening awards ceremony.

HELP AS AN ASSISTANT COACH for a local MSO team. MSO assistant coaches are matched with local schools to assist with coaching duties such as helping students comprehend material, apply concepts, and optimize teamwork strategies.

What are Events?

Events in the Science Olympiad have been designed to recognize the wide variety of skills that students possess. While some events require knowledge of scientific facts and concepts, others rely on science processes, skills or applications. This ensures that everyone can participate, including students from technology classes or advanced science classes.

Types of Events

Lab based events are those like Chemistry Lab, Forensics, or Can't Judge A Powder By Its Color, which require students to complete a lab activity during the competition.

Research based events are those events like Anatomy, Disease Detectives, and Fossils which encourage students to prepare research materials prior to the competition and use them in the event.

Pre-built events are engineering competitions in which students build a device to accomplish a task or goal, and the device is tested onsite at the competition.

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